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wickidstaines's Journal

27 April
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I like eatin' chicken at de KFC and burgers + choc sundae at Maccy Ds. I also like the girls who take my order bcoz they are darn fit, gives me a boner without having me to approach them to request for it, wickid? I like the current Presidenz of Omerica for he is the team leader of Justice League, John Kelly is the squad leader of the Omerica Boy Scout which does nothing but CAMPING! The latest movie, the Mona Lisa code is so farkin stewpid, especially the part where that dude breaks the Cryptexx code. A-P-P-L-E? The answer syould have bin B-O-O-B-S coz tat's like the only orb that fell on me and everyone else's head, doink! Cavity can be explained by just looking saggy titties, if it wasnt for cavity...you wouldnt need a push up bra, aii? you boobs will be floating just like you are...whoa! :o
blooging, foo!, masturbate, wickid!